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Thank You to our Sponsors!

Gunn Sports Boosters thanks you for your contribution which helps create competitive sports programs for our students.  The parents, staff, and students at Gunn High School are grateful for your support.

Gold Titan Membership 2015-2016

Anne '83 and Jeffrey Maggioncalda

Mark and Yoshimi Munch

Silver Titan Membership 2015-2016

Louis and Fatirah Lehot

Bronze Titan Membership 2015-2016

Sterling Augustine and Krys Corbett

Yu Fang and Lin Liu

Joy and Andrew Hinton

Ronni and Bret Kerrins

Tina Lee and Paul Heidenreich

Chris Robinson and Family

Yang Su and Wei Li

Rod and Linda Verhulp

Mary Catherine Williams and Family

Lynette Xu and the Xu Family

Gold Titan Membership 2014-2015

Anne and Jeffrey Maggioncalda

Mark and Yoshimi Munch

Silver Titan Membership 2014-2015

Jim and Emily Scheinman

Bronze Titan Membership 2014-2015

Pamela Wicks and Darrell Dang

Tina Lee and Paul Heidenreich

Efrat Kasznik

Bret and Ronni Kerrins

Jin Pi and Tao Li

Kelly and Phil Mahoney

Sandra Koppe and Matt Passell

Pam and Carter Perez

Rosaria Mamone and Malcolm Smith



Gold Titan Membership 2013-2014

Anne and Jeffrey Maggioncalda

Mark and Yoshimi Munch

Nancy and Avie Tevanian

Silver Titan Membership 2013-2014

Anat Admati and David Kreps

Bronze Titan Membership 2013-2014

Jian Cheng

Lois Chou

Terry Connelly

Pamela Wicks and Darrell Dang

Ruth Harris and Phillip Dawson

Helga Carson and Nick Erndt

Bret and Ronni Kerrins

Paul Heidenreich and Tina Lee

Kelly and Phil Mahoney

Shalina Miklos

Matt Passell and Sandra Koppe-Passell

Chris and Eugene Robinson

Wendy and Rick Shotts

Rene Sterental

Devin and Cindy Wenig

Donor Appreciation Wall Contributors

The Tevanian Family

Jim and Charlene Geers

Jim and Vicki Geers

The Nacey Maggioncalda Family

The Martin Family

The Passell Family


The Bahl Family

The Karakas Family

The Keller Family

The Kerr Family

The Kidder Family

The Mock Family

The Perez Family

The Spain Family

The Zunino Family


1979 Girls Volleyball Team

The Axtell Family

The Baker & McLerran Family

The Chou Sisters

The Dahlen Family

The Drake Family

The Gencarella Family

In Honor of Tom Jacoubowsky

The Kerrins Family

The Krolik Family

The Legenhausen Family

The Lin Family

The Liu Family

The Lydster Family

The Matlin-Cramers

The McAusland Family

The Nguyen Family

The Ogawa Family

The Saxena Family

The Shirole Family

In Honor of Coach Sarah Stapp

The von Clemm Family

Dr. Yee Wan & Tony Tsin

Ying Wang & JP Li

The Xiong Family

The Ziebelman Family

Gold Titan Membership 2012-2013

Barbara Sih and Michael Klausner

Silver Titan Membership 2012-2013

Lynn and Peter Kidder
Mark and Yoshimi Munch
Nancy and Avie Tevanian

Bronze Titan Membership 2012-2013

Naoko Berger
Neal Bhadkamkar and Odile Disch-Bhadkamkar
Gary and Sonya Bradski
Ted Bucklin
Patti and Dimitri Colevas
Darrell Dang and Pamela Wicks

Charlene Eng
Sabine and Bernd Girod
Diane Greene
Steve and Natalie Lucha
Anne-Marie and Joe Macrae
Kelly and Phil Mahoney
Toshio and Maria Nishi
Richard and Amy Ogawa
Lynne and Daniel Russell
Cyndy and Robert Sandor
Jeannie and Steve Tam
Cindy and Devin Wenig
Vivian and Perry Woo

Gold Titan Membership 2011-2012

Anne and Jeffrey Maggioncalda

Nancy and Avie Tevanian

Silver Titan Membership 2011-2012

Geoff Kerr and Sally Peck

Lynn and Peter Kidder

Bronze Titan Membership 2011-2012

Sandeep & Shachi Bahl

Neal & Odile Bhadkamkar

Sonya and Gary Bradski

Darrell Dang and Pamela Wicks

Erina and Tom Dubois

Megan Fisher

Hiroyuki & Rie Haraguchi

Michael & Barbara Klausner

Jasleen and Manoj Raisinghani

Edward Riley

Rod and Linda Verhulp

Mary Yang


          Private Sponsors                      Corporate Sponsors                         Gunn Staff and Coaches                 
The Amran Family    Armadillo Willy's Restaurant
Megan Fisher    Avenue Florist  
  Jim & Vicki Geers Birks Restaurant  Colleen Carey - Volleyball
 Rosemary & Clive Hallat Bliss Salon  Wil Chuch - Boys Lacrosse 
Harold & Nancy Hughes  CABI   Leslie Conover - Softball
Dave Lombardi   PF Changs Restaurant CJ Easter - Football
Phil and Kelly Mahoney   Chef Chu's Restaurant Mike Ferolino - Boys Basketball
 Suzanne McKenna The Counter  Jim Gorman - Boys & Girls Varsity Tennis 
 Superintendent Kevin Skelly Crown Plaza Hotel   Chris Horpel - Wrestling  
  Robin Boselli-Kao   Brian Davino Florist  Kevin Hwang - Volleyball
 Stacey Newman   Dinah's Garden Hotel Dave Lombardi
The Perez Family Fast Frame   Benji Saetang - Volleyall  
 The Rotman Family   Full Thread Ahead Nima Sohi - Softball 
 Karen Saxena  Gunn High School  Sarah Stapp - AD/Girls Basketball  
Linda MacKenzie & Steve Shevick   Halo Blow Drys  Matt Tompkins - XC/Track & Field 
 Michael & Angie Simon  iFLY  
 The Sutherland Family       J Hilburn  
Kelly Sheahan & Dave Venuti  Los Altos Country Club   
 Linda Verhulp LuLu's on Main Street   
Julie Williams    LYFE Restaurant  
Mayor Yiaweh Yeh    Madrona Manor  
    McRoskey Mattress Co.  
   Mediterranean Wraps  
   Menlowe Ballet  
    Miyo Yogurt  
   More Time For You   
   The North Face  
   Oakland A's   
     Original House of Pancakes  
    Palo Alto Creamery  
   Pizza My Heart  
  Rosewood Resort   
  Sharon Heights Country Club   
   Sheldon Photography   
  Sports Gallery   
   Sprinkles Cupcakes  
   Stanford Driving School  
    Stephen Silver Jewelry  
    Tennis Town & Country  
  Theodore Mock Photography  
   Think Tank Learning  
  Trader  Vic's Restaurant   
   University Coffee Cafe  
   West Coast Fantasy Baseball  
   Western Allied  
  Whole Foods   
  Yard House Restaurant   
  Zenith  Tutoring   



Private Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Jim & Nancy Baer

Bliss Beauty Center

The Bibo family

Boutique 151

Marcie Brown

Chef Chu's

Teresa Bergin


Bob Cranmer-Brown

Fina Boutique

Coach Mike Bruner

Fish Market

Jim & Vicki Geers

Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too

Belle & Gary Griffiths 

Gunn High School

John Winthrop Haeger 

Happy Donuts

Wayne Hanseth 


Coach Jonas Haro 

North Face

The Hartinger Family 


Athletic Director Chris Horpel 

Olive Garden

Harold & Nancy Hughes 


The Humble Family 

Palo Alto Creamery

Stephanie McIntosh 

Peak Performance Chiropractic

The McKenna Family 

PF Changs

Nancy Mueller 

Ramona's Pizza

Stacey and Barry Newman 

Rick's Café

Mike O'Donnell 

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Pam Perez and the Perez Family 

Steve Silver Productions

Vanessa Roach 

Texas Turkeys Inc

Bob Rose 

The Old Pro

Kelly Sheahan & David Venuti 

Touch of Elegance Salon

Steve Shevick & Linda MacKenzie 

Armadillo Willy's

Steve Sinchek 

Beach Blanket Babylon

Coach Sarah Stapp 


Kathy & Dean Stotz 


The Sutherland Family 

Fleming's Steakhouse

Coach Mark Tsukakoshi 

Palo Alto Golf Course

 Susan Weiand

Rosewood Hotel

Dirk Zander 

Michelle Bailey
Thanks for bringing back Varsity Letters Dr. Herrmann!
Coach Hirano and the Titan Football team presenting Superintendent Max McGee with his Titan Shirt! Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
Gunn Spirit! Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
Girls Basketball. Photo courtesy Rotman Photography

Boys Water Polo. Photo courtesy Rotman Photography

Miriam and Mel. Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
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