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How do I get funds for my student's team?

Each sports team has different fundraising needs, but here are some funding suggestions.  Please see the Sample Team Fundraising Form in the left column.


1) Direct Donation to the team fund (e.g., Softball Team). All team funds are administered by Gunn Sports Boosters, a 501(c3) non-profit organization, and therefore the donations are tax deductible. Our taxID # is #94-3207060. A good way to do this is to ask experienced coaches/parents on your child's team how this is typically handled for your team (i.e., a usual "suggested donation").  Checks should be made out to "Gunn Sports Boosters", with the team fund (e.g., Softball Team Fund) in the memo line. You can also donate through PayPal, but be sure to specify the sport it should be directed to. 


2) Fundraising Events - Organize an event, such as the very popular Crab Feed put on by Girl's Basketball each year, or a restaurant night. Other ideas include charging at the gate for your home events, selling concession items at your home events, or selling merchandise (e.g., coupon books, t-shirts, water bottles, other merchandise).


3) Participate in the Gunn Sports Boosters Auction - In years when the auction is held, typically teams can earn money when awards are given to teams with the most number of attendees, and teams with the greatest percentage of attendees.  Coaches can also donate items for the silent auction, e.g., lessons, and the funds raised can go directly into a team's account.


3) Get funds from Gunn Sports Boosters - If your team has a funding need that fits within our guidelines (see FAQs: Parents and Coaches), the first step is to approach the coach. Since each team (e.g., Boys' Basketball) has only one fund even if there are Frosh/Soph, JV, and Varsity Teams, all requests must go first through your child's coach, and then the Varsity Coach.  The Varsity Coach then presents the request to the Athletic Director, who can decide if there are funds available within the Athletic Department, or if the request should go to Gunn Sports Boosters. The Athletic Director can share the request with Sports Boosters, typically at a General Meeting, usually held on the third Wednesday of every month at 6pm.  Coaches and parents are welcome at our meetings. The request must be approved by both the Athletic Director and Gunn Sports Boosters.





While we would love to be able to fund everyone's request, we cannot afford to have individual teams make purchases of equipment and/or uniforms and EXPECT to be reimbursed by Sports Boosters.  We do our best, but please realize that 100% of our funds come from donations. 


We have to juggle the needs of all Gunn teams as well as long-term facilities needs. Our focus is primarily on equipment and uniform needs --- i.e., basic items needed for teams to successfully compete.  At this time, we don’t have the liberty of being able to fund optional team travel, team bonding activities, etc.

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Coach Hirano and the Titan Football team presenting Superintendent Max McGee with his Titan Shirt! Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
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