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How Does Sports Funding at Gunn Work?

There are 4 sources of funds:


1) Palo Alto Unified School District - provides stipends for our coaching staff, and funds the Athletic Director position (at 80%) for both Paly and Gunn.

2) Gunn Athletic Department - the SOLE source of money for the department is from the $200 voluntary participation contribution per student per sport.  The ACTUAL cost of funding each student is higher. The Athletic Department money is used for league participation fees, purchasing equipment, medical supplies, and transportation, and paying for officials at the games.
Over 55% of Gunn students participate in athletics at Gunn!
3) Gunn Sports Boosters - To cover the gap between funds needed and the Athletic Department Funds, we raise money through our fundraising events (such as the Donor Appreciation Wall), Booster memberships, eScrip, and direct donations.


4) Individual Team Fundraising - teams may hold a crab feed dinner, sell water bottles, receive game ticket income, etc., in order to raise funds for their own team. Sports Boosters handles the accounts for each separate team account (e.g., money for a fundraiser for Girls Basketball goes into the Girls Basketball account). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already sent in a team donation that the coach requested, why do I need to donate another $200?


Team donations are separate from the athletic donation.  Your team donation is used for your team only for items your coach wants/needs for your team to compete.  The athletic donation is the income for the athletic department for all the teams at Gunn.  Those funds are used for tournament/competition fees, bus transportation to games, referees and medical supplies.  The only funds that the athletic department receives from the district are the stipend for the coaches so your donation is essential for the department. 
Why are checks made out to Gunn Sports Boosters but the funds don’t go into the team accounts?  
In the past, checks for the athletic donation were made out to Gunn High School while team donations were made out to Gunn Sports Boosters.  Since this caused some confusion, this year all donations are made to Gunn Sports Boosters so that families would only have to write one check to pay for all their donations.  Gunn Sports Boosters then issues a check to the Gunn Athletic Department for the $200 donations, and specific team donations go into the individual team accounts.
What accounts are there for the teams?  Is team fundraising the same as the athletic donation?  
There are two accounts, Gunn Sports Boosters and Gunn Athletic Department.  Fundraising money for your team goes into your team account …the Athletic Department does not have access or use any of those funds.  The athletic donation goes to the athletic department and is used to cover expenses for our teams to compete.
What percentage of the $200 athletic donation does my team receive? 
Individual teams do not receive a percentage of this donation but the money goes to pay the costs for all the teams to compete (tournament/competition fees, bus transportation to games, referees and medical supplies).
To make a donation, you can either donate by check (payable to Gunn Sports Boosters) and have your student/athlete give it to the Coach or donate online at Please include your athlete's name and sport played when donating.  If the participation donation is a financial burden for your family, please consider giving what you can.  With a goal of 100% participation, every contribution is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your support!

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Thanks for bringing back Varsity Letters Dr. Herrmann!
Coach Hirano and the Titan Football team presenting Superintendent Max McGee with his Titan Shirt! Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
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Girls Basketball. Photo courtesy Rotman Photography

Boys Water Polo. Photo courtesy Rotman Photography

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