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Dear Coaches,


Gunn Sports Boosters (GSB) wants to help your program succeed.  We are a parent volunteer organization committed to supporting you and our student athletes by helping to fund both facility and team needs in Gunn’s constrained budget environment.


As your season approaches, please think about any upcoming short-term team needs (e.g., uniforms, equipment) or long-term needs in the next few years (e.g., new wrestling mats for the gym) that will enhance your program.  Gunn Sports Boosters would like to help. 


Your options for funding team-specific needs include:


1)     Direct Appeal: Asking parents to pay for uniforms or other team needs.  Please see the Sample Team Fundraising Form.


2)     Team Fundraising:  Ideas include charging at the gate for your home events; selling concession items at your home events, working concessions at a Stanford athletic event (contact the GSB VP of Team Fundraising), restaurant night, presenting a “Fund A Need” request at the GSB Annual Auction or on our “Fund A Need” website page.


3)     Matching Fund Grant from GSB:  You can present a funding request to Athletic Director Jill Naylor using the GSB Funding Request Form.  If the request is approved by the both the Athletic Director & GSB, we will grant matching funds toward your goal.  The amount of the grant will depend on the scope and specifics of the project, and the amount in our discretionary fund.


Our Current Funding Guidelines**:

1.    50% of the cost for equipment/uniforms

2.    0-20% of the cost for travel to tournaments/tournament fees

3.    0-10% of the cost for team building (e.g., ropes course, dinners, etc.)


**Important:  Any Funding Request must be approved in advance --- in other words, please don’t plan to spend the money now and ask for reimbursement of 50% of the cost later. 


We will do our best to fund your needs, but please realize that 100% of our funds come from donations. We have to juggle the needs of all Gunn teams as well as long-term facilities needs.  Our focus is primarily on equipment and uniform needs --- i.e., basic items needed for teams to successfully compete.  We have limited ability to fund optional team travel, team bonding activities, etc.


You can help us succeed by:


1) Encouraging your parents to become members of Gunn Sports Boosters and participate in GSB programs


2) Collect the voluntary participation fee from your athletes.  This is the sole source of funding for the Gunn Athletic Department.


3) Provide GSB with your team roster including parent email contacts.


4) Make sure your athletes return all Gunn equipment and uniforms at the end of the season.





Thanks for bringing back Varsity Letters Dr. Herrmann!
Coach Hirano and the Titan Football team presenting Superintendent Max McGee with his Titan Shirt! Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
Gunn Spirit! Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
Girls Basketball. Photo courtesy Rotman Photography

Boys Water Polo. Photo courtesy Rotman Photography

Miriam and Mel. Photo courtesy of Rotman Photography
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